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Executive Coaching

Being an Effective Leader Inside Your Company

The most effective leaders are committed to breakthroughs in performance and learning in the areas the performer is working on mastering. Good coaching is not telling people what to do but rather encouraging self-discovery and practice. Having trust in the relationship is key, and that the leader is experienced with guidance and instruction.  A successful leader teaches from an empowering context and shares guiding principles in their delivery and training.

Elements of Effective Leadership

  • The trainee is never wrong – the coach takes responsibility for performance.
  • The training inspires discipline and routine.
  • Progress is measured with goals and specific measurable results.
  • Effective communication includes promising and requests.
  • Acknowledgement and encouragement are plentiful.

The performer is versed on their strengths and weaknesses and has clarity on what new capacities they need to develop to improve their performance.  Bringing humor and a lightness of being to the interactions builds confidence and motivation to keep going.

The Performance Key

The key to effective coaching is the training takes place in a safe environment, and that there is no judgement, comparison, or criticism. Effectiveness is correlated to how a task or challenge occurs for an individual and if the working environment is safe to learn, the performer is more likely to improve and benefit from their short comings.

If a performer has to train another in the skills they are developing, it can be illuminating to see what they, the performer, doesn’t know and what they need to practice to become masterful.

Strategic Planning & Design

Examine what is predictable and then plan for the impossible.

Fulfilling on the vision for your business takes place in the strategic planning process and outlines the specific actions your team must take for success. The process includes what is the work you are trying to do and defines your long-term mission or purpose.  The strategy requires the thinking of who are you serving and what programs and or products best benefit your clientele.

It is useful to look into the 3 to 5 year future and identify what are the challenges and opportunities on the horizon. The circumstances may be volatile, yet planning can assist with clarity and strength when you need it the most.  Having specific outcomes with measurable results to produce are more likely to happen when you know what actions to take and the time that is required.  It is an opportunity to identify the resources and personnel needed to enhance success.

True leadership involves examining what is predictable in the future and then planning for the impossible to occur!

Management Team Coaching

Becoming an Effective Manager

Being practical and strategic are important for good management, however there are also key aspects that are critical for performance success and a thriving business culture. Consider, that an effective manager focuses on the fulfillment of commitments and outcomes and not telling people what to do!  

3 Aspects of Effective Management:

  • Authentic Communication
  • Integrity
  • Stages of Business Development

Authentic Communication

Managers will think that giving good instruction is the answer for appropriate action and then are thwarted when the response is not a match for the request.  We will introduce and practice structures of communication that will assist with “committed listening” and committed speaking. Listening keenly to others makes a huge difference for coordinated action, effective action, and partnership.

Committed speaking helps with the design of new futures, and taking a stand for oneself. Pressure and manipulation can be replaced with true empowerment and success.


A powerful relationship with integrity enhances workability and ease with performance and fulfilling desired outcomes. Integrity is not about judgement, morality, or assessing what is good or bad. When breakdowns occur, and promises are not kept, restoring the integrity of the initial intentions can repair relationships and put your actions back on course.  Honoring yourself as your word is a critical practice as a manager and inspires others to be their word as well. Having an existence system for tracking people’s promises and requests establishes a solid foundation for integrity and future fulfillment.

Stages of Development

Identifying the stage of development your business or project is in, provides an empowering context for the actions to take and the tools to use for effective management.

The beginning stages of development are exciting and romantic and an introduction to reality. As you move through the next several stages, it requires deliberate and concentrated work, and training in how to fail.

Modifying your expectations is useful during this time and focusing on short term results.

Succeeding stages of development require less effort and additional guidance and direction. Structures for tracking results and your team’s performance becomes essential.

Long term results are measured and a new future arises. As you continue to work and build momentum, the next stage requires new ways to best communicate with people around you. Being successful involves relying on others for business expansion.

Ultimately, the last stages of development may involve turning your business over to another or transitioning to another center of attention. This phase requires letting go and completion and designing what is next.

Sales Team Coaching

A New Era & Paradigm for Performance

The Sales Team Performance Program shares a process for generating new prospects to closing clients and will have a truly extraordinary impact on you and your people’s ability to sell. We will introduce to you a “New Model of Performance” and enhance your team’s capability to be successful.

The Outcomes of the Program:

  • You will significantly elevate your people’s sales performance by designing your sales efforts from a New Paradigm of Performance®.
  • You will significantly elevate your performance in all areas you, your people, and your business are committed to perform in, including those areas where you are having difficulty and in areas where you are being successful.
  • You will deal with your own selling and performance, and also with your ability to elevate the selling and performance of those whom you train and consult, including succeeding with those who have not been successful.

Breakthrough Results in Action:

1)  To continue to elevate, and produce breakthroughs in, your sales and performance (and in your consulting performance); and

2)  To continue to deepen your being used by the New Model of Performance®

Put simply, the program will be focused on Sales and Performance In Action.

The program will be focused on your producing breakthroughs in your sales (and other) performance where you are less effective than you would like to be.  The program is designed to get to the source of any impediments to performance by examining the source of your on-the-court actions where they are less than effective.  (And, we will specifically include elevating effectiveness for those of you who train salespeople.)  We will continually point to and draw on the New Model of Performance® in dealing with your specific sales (and other) performance commitments and presenting issues.

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In this New Era, new business acumen and practices need to be created or renewed to compete.

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