Privacy Policy

"We respect your privacy and confidentiality."

1. Scope of Use

Personal information you have provided is limited to the following use.

(1) To provide information, products and services related to the coaching program
(2) To develop and improve products and services related to coaching and other businesses
(3) To research and analyze on coaching and other related fields
(4) To provide information on coaching and our services, as well as information on events and seminars

The provision of Personal Information is a voluntary act, however not providing such information will cause difficulties in responding to your request.

2. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party Providers

Personal information you have provided is acquired, used and managed by us. We shall not disclose any piece of personal information to third parties without your given consent, except for those cases stipulated by law.

3. Outsourcing Personal Information

Personal information you have provided may be outsourced to external contractors in order to process information, and is only outsourced to those that have met the evaluation standards and signed a contract agreement with our company.

4. Participation

When you participate with us or in our programs, you will be asked to maintain confidentiality and sign a Confidentiality Agreement. 


If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us directly.