Prosperous Women Webinar 

Creating freedom, power and prosperity for Women Entrepreneurs, while building a community of people committed to each other’s success.

Tuesdays: 3/12, 3/26, 4/9, 4/23, 5/14, 5/28

Web Sessions: 4:00pm to 5:30pm EST.

Prosperous Women Webinar
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  • Becoming a Prosperous Woman
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Inquire into what wealth is and debunk some of the superstitions we have around money.  Distinguish our past-based conversations about being prosperous and examine the source of our poverty mindset. What are our financial constraints and where did we learn these limitations?

What are our standards and ideals regarding money?  What does integrity have to do with it?  Distinguish the family paradigm from the business paradigm and create a new set of agreements that exist beyond traditional family roles and relationships.

Distinguish the Competitive Domain from the Creative Domain – examine the source of where wealth comes from.  Explore how collaboration and effective communication builds trust and confidence.  Create an empowering context or “divine intent” as a place to generate wealth.  Create a wealth mindset.

Design a business that is consistent with the expression of your divine intent.  Create a future that is an expression of your highest expression of yourself and your business.  Learn to participate in domains you never thought possible!

Design and present a business project that provides you with a new access to your created future. Ground
your project into action steps for the next several years. Receive feedback with what works and doesn’t. Learn how to deal with breakdowns as they occur. How to make sure you are having fun!

Complete the webinar with power and grace. What
does it look like to provide effective leadership in your community and what is the significance of service? With whom will you be sharing your business and what is your legacy?

Start Your Journey – The Prosperous Women Webinar

This course is designed for a community of people committed to each other’s success.

We are entering a New Era which requires a new level of consciousness and  responsibility on our part… It is knowing ourselves as being fully capable, knowledgeable, and self-reliant in the operation of our business and generating prosperity.  – Annette L. Nathan  

The Prosperous Women Webinar provides an occasion to be honest with ourselves about our relationship to prosperity, finance, and running our business.  During each session, we will explore the ways we have learned to think and manage money, and distinguish how decisions we have made about others and ourselves have shaped our perspectives and actions around our working life and earning a living.  Whether rich or poor, we will examine how we have negated wealth, and blamed others for our lack of freedom and success.

The Description of the Course

Most of us have been conditioned to think a certain way around prosperity.  This course is designed to support you in distinguishing the myths and beliefs that we learned from past generations and to discover your real source of abundance that is personal to you and long lasting.

The Results Say It Best

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Inquire About These Advanced Webinars

Advanced Entrepreneurial Success Webinar

Once you’ve completed your first Series, you will be eligible for advanced learning opportunities.

Anatomy of an Effective Business Webinar

Many of us are great at promoting our products and services but less experienced with how to operate a business.  This webinar examines the basics of how a business is structured and how to have each area flow with efficiency and ease.

We examine how marketing is distinct from sales and how important it is to have the production of our services parallel our monthly sales.  We will examine the budgeting process, targeted marketing and sales.

Effective Networking & Business Development

We will share with you practices for effective networking and generating new prospects in your business environment.  We will examine how to establish the groundwork for creating new leads through social media, promotional events, and speaking engagements. Reliable networking allows for powerful selling.

To be effective with selling activity, it is essential to create “opportunities for selling” and these pathways live as occasions or times set aside in your calendar.  There are multiple avenues for developing opportunities for selling or “pipelining” and consistency is key to your success.  Targeting your audience, identifying your ideal customer, and creating a world of abundance with reliable pipelining makes all the difference with your sales performance.

Pipelining For Success

  • Social media
  • Networking Meetings
  • Referrals
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Attending Conferences and Events
  • Hosting occasions that promote your work

Having a full pipeline generates a promising future and gives you power in the present time. One pipelining activity is not better than another – however you may find that you are inclined to participate with one activity over another and consistently… and that is what matters. When your sales activity is flourishing, you may not see the urgency with networking nor do you have the time.  It is hard to believe, but your future success is dependent on your diligence with pipelining. 

The Foundation for Effective Networking & Sales

  • Background of Relatedness
  • Your Commitment
  • Measures for Pipelining
  • Clarity of potential client’s concerns
  • Establishing new sales opportunities when delivering

Effective Sales Performance

8 Session Series Designed To Transform Team Sales Performance

This series will cover everything from generating prospects to closing clients, while having a truly extraordinary impact on your ability to sell. It is designed to yield far more for your business than your initial investment by participating in it.  We will powerfully ground, develop, train, and elevate you and each of your staff to successfully sell, design, manage, deliver, and expand the number of client engagements, and eliminate barriers to selling as your full self-expression.

The Purpose

The purpose is for you to generate a breakthrough in sales for yourself and your team, and to increase your performance by 25% or more, year after year – for the next 5 years. The focus of this training is to discover new and effective sales conversations and to deal with your fear of being conned or failing in your sales interactions.

Reconstitute Yourself as a High-Powered Sales Professional

  • What is a high-powered professional salesperson?
  • There are no special characteristics in great salespeople.
  • What are your shelf assets and the company’s shelf assets?
  • Where are you being inauthentic in your sales approach?
  • Do you have a structure of existence to manage your sales activity?

Creating a Culture of High Performance

Being effective as a sales-person is correlated to the environment you work in.  90% of powerful selling takes place in the listening you have for your customer and addressing their needs.  We will work with you to identify your talents, and contribute to others from a place of accountability. You will invent a sales culture that is focused on the customer, service and an inspiring future! 


Effective Communication & Active Listening

Eliminate Counter Productive Ways of Being, Speaking & Listening...

We explore the network of conversations we dwell in, in our business environment and examine counter productive ways of being, speaking and listening in daily interactions with others. We will practice new communication methods that result in greater productivity and build confidence in how you listen and speak and take effective action.