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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

The Annettework is a global marketplace for women to network and accomplish what they think is impossible.

Elevating Executive Leaders & Teams

When corporate cultures transform, hidden barriers are removed. New futures are created.  Accountability is self-generated and celebrated companywide. Breakthrough performance becomes the new normal. 

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The Being a Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program

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TUESDAYS  10 am – 5:00 pm EST


10/15, 10/29, 11/12, 11/26, 12/10 & 1/7 in 2025


The Being a Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership Program

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THURSDAYS  10 am – 5:00 pm EST


6/27 Pre-session, 7/25, 8/8, 8/22, 9/5, 9/26, 10/17 

The Prosperous Women Webinar – Starting September 3rd!

Prosperous Women Webinar
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  • Becoming a Prosperous Woman
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Business Consulting

Coaching for Success


Executive Coaching

Effective coaches cause breakthroughs in performance and learning in the areas the performer is working on mastering.


Strategic Planning & Design

True leadership involves examining what is predictable in the future and then planning for the impossible to occur!


Management Team Coaching

Effective manager focuses on the fulfillment of commitments  rather than telling people what to do! 


Sales Team Coaching

Using the “New Model of Performance” will have a truly extraordinary impact on your people’s ability to sell.

Results-Driven Programs

Breakthroughs in Performance & Productivity


Being a Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership

Being a Leader & the Effective Exercise of Leadership is a powerful laboratory for introducing how to be effective in leading others with a new model of leadership.  This exercise will teach you how to lead as your natural self-expression.


Breakthroughs In Business Excellence for Entrepreneurial Success

The Business Excellence Program provides an occasion to be honest with ourselves about our relationship to money, finance, and running our business.  This intellectually rigorous program is designed to generate a new sense of power regarding business and to shift the scarcity mindset to one of abundance and success.


Generating Sales Team Performance

Discover new sales conversations to deal with you and your team’s fear of being conned or failing in sales interactions. 


Strategic Planning & Design

Before designing a new future, past promises and actions must be completed.  This process includes addressing failures and accomplishments with no judgment or invalidation.  New possibilities arise and openings for action bring out the best in the team and the clients they serve.


Team Building, Collaboration & Powerful Performance

Often teams are constructed around the circumstance and hence are temporary in nature.  The key to effective teamwork is correlated to an individual’s effectiveness in communication, planning, and coordinated action. Members of the team will breakthrough barriers to being related and discover new ways of fulfilling new futures.

Join the Annettework

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Remove Barriers. Create Thriving Cultures. Realize Breakthrough Results.

The New Golden Age of Prosperity

We’re entering a time of explosive growth and expansion, when Women are inventing new ways of balancing and collaborating in business; and playing historic roles in creating new business paradigms.

Language Can Be Used To Create Wealth

Women have a powerful voice and use of language that enables expressing the unthinkable and doing the impossible; and especially the courage to produce wealth regardless of the circumstances.

Tap Into Your Wealthspring

Growing your business can be an organic process, naturally evolving – free from limitations and force – from within. Your Wealthspring is a boundless  supply of energy and inspiration where anything becomes possible.

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  • Shifting Your Financial Paradigm
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Annette In the Media

“I am truly blown away by my interview today with Annette Nathan, a world-traveling transformational visionary. Don’t let Annette’s laid-back and humorous manner fool you. Annette combines 45 years of transformational training and development experience with her personal, caring, no-nonsense style. When you are with Annette, you know that your world will alter in creative and powerful ways. Her stories about her travels in her 20s are riveting, and her recent wake-up call will inspire you to stop putting up with what you don’t like and pursue your dreams. Thank you, Annette, for a fun, informational, entertaining, and inspiring conversation. More about Annette: Annette L. Nathan, is a lifelong transformational visionary, delivering global training and development programs for more than forty years. Today, Annettework Consulting has launched “The Annettework,” a global marketplace for women to network and accomplish what they think is impossible. The company values extraordinary service, identifying what’s missing, and distinguishing what’s needed for self-generated success. Annette’s consulting services specialize in teamwork, communication and leadership training, and Transformational Education for working women and business owners. Many of her clients employ her as an executive coach at the highest levels of their organizations. Her worldwide consulting engagements transform communities, businesses, organizations, and leaders. Annette’s methodology focuses on cultural transformation.” Hilary Burns

Powerful, Breakthrough Testimonials

“Working with Annette took me to a brand new realm of power and commitment regarding the success of my company, Light ON Finance, Inc. The work demands pondering many questions. I considered deeply the measurements to use and the level of success I could enjoy. Out of conversation a most remarkable idea overtook my thinking: I can build a noteworthy company with seven figure revenues.”


"I just celebrated first-half financial results that exceeded the results I have ever generated for an entire year. What's especially significant about this milestone is that I have now surpassed the invisible 'lid' that had been suppressing me in my business, and my financial freedom. I have Annette to thank for helping me see the 'lid' and break through it. Now, the sky is truly the limit!"


"I recommend Annette with a deep conviction that she will make a positive and lasting impact. My evaluation criteria for a personal or group “development” consultant are: 1) desired impact, 2) follow-up, 3) availability and 4) cost-effectiveness. Over six years and two different organizations, I have had experience that confirms excellence in all these areas. The consulting roles have varied from senior staff team building, individual executive coaching, leadership consulting and problem solving. Annette has excelled in all these areas. She understands that adult learning and behavior modification requires time to practice and reinforce the desired outcome so she establishes a schedule for reinforcing and makes herself available for those inevitable “tough spots.” I find that she is competitive with other providers while being highly effective. I highly recommend Annette as a consultant and would be pleased to respond to questions."


"Being coached by Annette is a rare and remarkable opportunity to develop a completely new relationship to money. In Annette's course I began to be authentic about the wealth I wanted for myself, my family and the leadership in my company. Like other women in my course, I was able to see that my personal view of wealth was — scarcity, not enough, risky and dangerous. When you see that you've crafted these opinions, you have the opportunity to declare something new, like — abundance, inspiration and joy. Because of Wealthmade Women I have a thriving Branding and Internet Agency that continues to inspire me - and that I love. This year our revenue is up 38% over last year's record year. We have the best talent we've ever had. And as a team, we have chosen to upgrade to an employee-owned model. These are a few of the breakthrough results possible for anyone who takes this course!"