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Programs for Corporate Clients

“The following programs are tailored to deliver breakthrough results in your business environment.  We suggest Executive Coaching along with the delivery of the various programs for your clarity of  purpose and the fulfillment of your company’s dreams.”

– Annette L Nathan, Annettework Consulting

Breakthroughs in Productivity & Performance Programs for Corporate Clients

Growing and developing your business is critical regardless of your tenure as a business owner. Annettework Consulting will support you with the re-examination of your company’s purpose and direction, and evaluate employee satisfaction, and customer delight. A bright and promising future can inspire breakthroughs in performance and prosperity!!

We begin with these steps:

1. Assessment of Business To Date
2. Accomplishments and Successes
3. Current Challenges and/or Breakdowns
4. Vision for Future, New Context and Outcomes
5. Strategy for Fulfillment of Outcomes

For Corporate Executives & Leaders

Breakthroughs In Business Excellence for Entrepreneurial Success

Business Excellence for Entrepreneurial Success

Business Excellence for the Entrepreneurial Success Program is a powerful inquiry into current and new business models and assists with the design of innovative methodology with products and services. We will explore the ways we have learned how to think about and manage money, and distinguish how numerous decisions we have made about others and ourselves have shaped our perspectives and actions around our working life and earning a living.  

Bringing “excellence” to the services we offer our clients and the business community creates inspiration in working life.  It requires being innovative and unconventional in our thinking and rigorous with our actions and delivery. This demand on ourselves and our staff, brings joy and new openings for entrepreneurship!!

Breakthroughs In Team Building, Collaboration, & Powerful Performance

Team Building, Collaboration, & Powerful Performance

Often teams are constructed around the circumstance and, hence, temporary in nature.  The key to effective teamwork is correlated to an individual’s effectiveness in communication, planning, and coordinated action. Members of the team will breakthrough barriers to being related and discover new ways of fulfilling new futures.

Participants are given the opportunity to identify each individual’s unique contributions.  To hear what they bring to the team is remarkable, and brings forth stamina and a new confidence. Informed by this new background of connection, participants now feel free to design a new future that is ambitious and aligned with their self-expression.

Breakthroughs In Sales Team Performance

Breakthroughs In Sales Team Performance

The program will be focused on producing breakthroughs in your sales performance and other areas where you are less effective than you would like to be.  The program is designed to get to the source of any impediments by examining the source of your actions where they are less than effective.  We will continually draw on the New Model of Performance® in dealing with your specific sales performance commitments and presenting issues.

  • You will significantly elevate your people’s sales performance by designing your sales efforts from a New Paradigm of Performance®.
  • You will significantly elevate your performance in all areas you, your people, and your business are committed to perform in, including those areas where you are having difficulty – and in areas where you are being successful.
  • You will deal with your own selling and performance, and also with your ability to elevate the selling and performance of those whom you train and consult, including succeeding with those who have not been successful.

Online & In Person 

July 21, August 11, September 8, 29, and October 12, 27

(New Jersey)

10:00am to 5:00pm ET 

Being a Leader & The Effective Exercise of Leadership

The Being A Leader Course involves a serious inquiry into yourself as a leader.  Working together, participants discover the underlying premises and assumptions in which we operate. These assumptions determine and limit what is and what isn’t possible for us as leaders.  In the course, these assumptions, ways of thinking, and ways of working are examined and reconsidered, making way for something entirely new.

The Being A Leader Course is about being a leader and exercising leadership effectively. While management is often critical for fulfilling a mission, this program is not about management; it is about being a leader, and the effective exercise of leadership. This program will leave you able to determine when management is required, and when leadership is required.

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Executive Coaching –
Breakthroughs In Being an Effective Leader Inside Your Organization

Executive Coaching – Being an Effective Leader Inside Your Organization

The most effective leaders are committed to breakthroughs in performance and learning in the areas the performer is working on mastering. Good coaching is not telling people what to do but rather encouraging self-discovery and practice. Having trust in the relationship is key, and that the leader is experienced with guidance and instruction.  A successful leader teaches from an empowering context and shares guiding principles in their delivery and training.

Our Transformational Programs Guarantee: Breakthrough Results


The Assessment


Accomplishments & Successes

Let's Begin with Your Successes
You may be very accomplished in many areas, but not present to the accomplishments.

Current Challenges & Breakdowns

Challenges & Breakdowns Addressed
Every business encounters challenges that present themselves a breakdowns. Knowing how to effectively navigate breakdowns as they occur creates breakthroughs in performance.

A Vision, New Context & Outcomes

New Context = New Outcomes
Designing a new vision for the future, without the limitations of the past, causes new and exciting outcomes and breakthrough results.

Strategy for Fulfillment of Outcomes

Fulfilling Outcomes
Committing to a new future also requires a powerful strategy for fulfilling on the intended outcomes. Together, we will transform your business to the next level.